Disco Party at the Pool FAQ!

Disco for TWAG

Disco Party at the Pool!
Saturday, August 22nd

End of Summer Adult Pool Party at Glenmoor FAQ!
Q. Do I have to wear disco clothes?
A. No, wear whatever you feel like!

Q. Will you only be playing disco music?
A. No, we will be playing all types of music throughout the evening so that everyone can dance to the tunes they like!
(but we will be doing the Hustle!)

Q. Will the DJ take request?
A. Yes!

Q. Is it going to be any fun?
A. Of course, so you better be there…you don’t want to miss all of the fun!

The kids are heading back to school. The summer is almost over. Let’s have one more BIG*FUN*PARTY at the pool before it closes. Sushi Station*Chef Attended Panini Station* Chef Attended Stir Fry/Pasta Station*Guacamole& Hummus Table*Passed Apps*Mini Desserts*Specialty Drinks* $55 Per Person- let’s party!!!


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