Fitness Class Spotlight: Spin & Sculpt with Greer!


With the variety of fitness classes that Glenmoor’s Fitness Center has to offer, sometimes the choice of which class to take can be tough. Do you feel like an intense cardiovascular workout or maybe some solid weight training? Fortunately, we have the perfect class for those who can’t make up their mind—Spin & Sculpt! Spin & Sculpt is offered on Wednesday nights from 6:00pm to 7:15pm.

Taught by our certified instructor, Greer Rothermel, Spin & Sculpt combines 45-minutes of spinning followed by 30-minutes of total body toning. Greer will take you through this endurance-building workout that also tones and strengthens all your major muscle groups!


During the spinning portion of the class, Greer will challenge you with sprints and climbs that will ramp up your heart rate! If you’re new to spinning, this is a great opportunity to become comfortable with the bike and learn hand and feet positions, as Greer will provide instruction on proper form and use.

After your 45-minute spin session, it’s time to sculpt! Greer will instruct you through this 30-minute resistance training workout utilizing your bodyweight, dumbbells, bands, and much more! This workout is designed to tone and tighten your entire body.

This combined Spin & Sculpt class provides you the option to choose what kind of workout you need that day—feel free to partake in the Spin or the Sculpt only, or stay for the whole class and get it all done at once! So come join Greer at Spin & Sculpt on Wednesdays from 6:00pm to 7:15pm! Also, check out our new October Fitness Class schedule for more fun and challenging classes!


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