2016 Glenmoor Fitness Challenge

BarbellThe Glenmoor Fitness Challenge starts January 1st, sign up today!

The Glenmoor Fitness Challenge is a contest to help you start your healthy New Year’s resolution on the right foot. For exercising at the Glenmoor Fitness Center you will earn points towards a final total—helping you to earn Glenmoor prizes!

  • All participants will receive a Glenmoor Fitness water bottle.
  • Each participant that earns 200 points will receive a 2016 Glenmoor Fitness Challenge t-shirt.
  • Participants who earn 500 points will receive a 30% off Glenmoor voucher which can be used throughout the club.
  • The top three participants will earn the Grand Prize Glenmoor Gift Cards redeemable anywhere throughout the Club!
    • First place will receive a $200.00 Gift Card;
    • Second place will receive a $100.00 Gift Card; and
    • Third place will receive a $50.00 Gift Card.

Weekly point totals will be posted at the Fitness Center and will be posted online. A maximum of 30 points per day may be earned. Point values are determined by the type and duration of the exercise you choose to perform:

Exercise Points
½ Hour Cardio Workout 5
½ Hour Strength Workout 5
1 Hour Cardio Workout 10
1 Hour Strength Workout 10
Group Exercise Class 10
½ Hour Personal Training Session 15
½ Hour Pilates Reformer Session 15
1 Hour Personal Training Session 30

Early entry fee is $15.00. Late entry, after December 25th, is $25.00. To learn more and to sign up for the Glenmoor Fitness Challenge, call or visit the Fitness Center today!


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