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We’re in the home stretch!!

Do not miss your chance to win a $100 gift card for Glenmoor fitness apparel and an hour long massage!!

August Weight Room Challenge-page-001

It’s not too late to enter the August Weight Room Challenge!

Remember every visit to the Weight Room enters you to win a $100 gift card for Glenmoor apparel AND an hour long massage!

Weight Room

Just sign in at the Weight Room and complete a 15 min workout for your chance to win!

For more details call 330-966-3524.

Saturday Classes Featured Instructor: Anne!

This Saturday, join Anne for

Low Impact Cardio at 9:15am and Total Body Toning at 10am!

20 20 20 Class

Tomorrow’s 8am Yoga Class is Canceled

Country-Heat-Autumn-Calabrese…but you can still burn calories at Country Heat and CORE-ography starting at 9:15am with Julie!!


Tonight’s 6pm Spinning Class is Canceled

Tonight, the 6pm Spinning Class is canceled.


But you can still burn those calories with Bob and Golf Fitness at 7:15pm! Not just for golfers, Golf Fitness provides mobility, flexibility, and core training!

August Weight Room Challenge…Are you game?!

Check out Susie Sirgo completing her daily entry in the Weight Room Challenge!

Susie Sirgo

Don’t miss your chance to win $100 in Glenmoor fitness apparel and an hour long massage! Remember each 15 minute weightlifting workout qualifies as an entry into the Challenge. Personal training sessions count as two!

Call or visit the Fitness Center for more information. 330-966-3524

August 2017 Fitness Schedule is here!

August 2017 Fitness Schedule

August Weight Room Challenge…Are you Ready?!

TOMORROW our Weight Room Challenge begins! Just sign in at the Weight Room, and complete a 15 minute weight training workout to enter for a chance to win a $100 Gift Card for Glenmoor Fitness apparel AND an hour long massage at The Spa!

Those entries training with a Personal Trainer will qualify for TWO entries!

No sign-up fees and no pre-registration required–just come in and workout!

August Weight Room Challenge-page-001

August Weight Room Challenge!

August Weight Room Challenge-page-001

Fitness Class Cancelation

Saturday, July 15th, Country Heat and CORE-ography are canceled.

But you can still start your day off right and join Topaz for Yoga at 8am!


Tonight’s 6pm Spinning is Canceled

Tonight’s 6pm Spinning Class is canceled, but join Bob for Golf Fitness tonight at 7:15pm!


Tomorrow’s 9:30am Cross Training Cardio Class is Canceled.

Tomorrow’s 9:30am Cross Training Cardio class is canceled.

But, 6:00am Cross Training Cardio will run as scheduled, along with 8:30am 20/20/20, and 10:00am Walking Club.

cross training

Join us for Bootcamp Before the BBQ!


*All regularly scheduled morning and evening classes are canceled.

July Fitness Class Schedule!

Don’t miss our challenging and fun Fitness Classes in July!!



Glenmoor 5K Results!

5K StartCongratulations to all our 5K participants and thank you for making our event such a success! Final results are listed below!

Name Bib No. Total Time Pace
1 Aladin Aljaberi 255 22:37.0 7:18/M
2 Allie Spitale 251 23:07.0 7:27/M
3 Kylie Kovatch 241 23:19.6 7:31/M
4 Haleigh Guerra 237 24:27.8 7:53/M
5 Aaron Adelman 211 25:05.0 8:05/M
6 Bob Common 222 25:52.5 8:21/M
7 Greg Beaufait 214 26:08.6 8:26/M
8 Amanda Palmer 248 26:17.9 8:29/M
9 Hunter Palmer 247 26:18.8 8:29/M
10 Shelli Conti 223 26:28.4 8:32/M
11 Angie Campbell 220 27:43.4 8:56/M
12 Dana Ford 226 28:30.2 9:12/M
13 Kandis Hughes 239 28:52.1 9:19/M
14 Sarah Castillo 221 28:52.9 9:19/M
15 Josh Thayer 258 29:54.7 9:39/M
16 April Thayer 259 29:55.0 9:39/M
17 Emily Spitale 250 30:16.1 9:46/M
18 Ben Hindley 254 30:48.4 9:56/M
19 Terri Teitel 257 32:33.8 10:30/M
20 Teresa McCombs 253 35:18.4 11:23/M
21 Robin Guerra 236 35:28.6 11:26/M
22 Cathy Beckley 219 36:53.4 11:54/M
23 Dana Adelman 209 37:36.4 12:08/M
24 Paul Guerra 238 45:49.2 14:47/M
25 Cheryl Espenschied 225 46:18.4 14:56/M
26 Mary Lou Adelman 210 46:58.8 15:09/M
27 Yong Walsh 252 55:27.8 17:53/M
28 Susan Shearer 249 55:45.8 17:59/M
29 Angela Jerse 224 55:51.3 18:01/M
30 Sandy Asael 212 55:52.1 18:01/M

Fitness Class Cancelation

Tonight’s Total Body Toning class at 6:30pm is canceled.

But join us for Spinning with Robin at 7:15pm!


Only a few days left to register for the 5K / 1 Mile Race!

5K and 1 Mile Run Flyer

Time is running out…be sure to sign up for the Glenmoor 5K / 1 Mile today!

5K and 1 Mile Run Flyer

Join us for Spinning Tomorrow at 6am!

Tomorrow, the 6am Cross Training Cardio is canceled.

Instead, join us for Spinning with Robin at 6am!


Running Full Speed into Glenmoor’s 25th Anniversary!

Don’t forget to sign-up for the Glenmoor 25th Anniversary 5K and 1 Mile Fun Run!

5K and 1 Mile Run Flyer

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