Caddy Mentor Program

From CAST – Caring And Serving Together…

Summer is such a wonderful time at Glenmoor!  CAST has been busy all year serving lunch with new friends at the Laundry Love Project and the Refuge of Hope. We’ve been building and landscaping homes for Habitat for Humanity and a partnership most near and dear to our hearts is the Early College Academy.  For those of you that don’t know, E.C.A. incorporates a curriculum designed to provide the middle school students of Canton City access to rigorous high school preparatory coursework and college readiness training in the 7th and 8th grades. The program is designed to serve those students who normally tend to struggle in a college prep high school setting by welcoming students of racial and ethnic minorities, low-income families, first-generation college attendees and/or English language learners. Students succeeding at the Academy continue on to the Early College High School where they will graduate with a two-year degree from Stark State College!! There are very few programs like this in the entire country. Our CAST group has been actively involved with the students and staff of this wonderful school. We tutor, mentor, volunteer, landscape and some even coordinate their employees to tutor as well.  But our biggest endeavor is currently underway.  A group of Glenmoor CAST golfers are training 25 E.C.A. students in a Caddy Mentor Program.  These students have already gone through two hours of classroom training and one hour of on-course training to become familiar with the roles of a fore-caddy and caddy.  The initial goal is to get these students started on Saturday and Sunday mornings with the early boys and the monks, and once school is over have them be able to support the Women’s League and Evening Leagues as well.  We are excited to give these students a chance not only earn some wages for the summer, but to become a part of a mentoring relationship with the wonderful members of our Glenmoor community.  These are terrific kids. They are excited and they want to learn. They want to do a good job for us and realize the benefits that being a caddy could bring.  Our relationships with these students can make a tremendous impact on their lives. Just as they can on ours!   Details coming soon!


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