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Thanks for a great 20 years!

I couldn’t let August end without jumping the blog band wagon after reminiscing the past twenty years.  Wow… August 11, 1992, Pat Crilley, now known as Pat Haag, was hired as a Scot’s Grille waitress.

As I drove around the bends of Glenmoor Rd, this Magnolia farm girl felt quite intimidated driving up to this huge, old, beautiful building.

I parked at the Spa and walked the cart path around the pool to the Scot’s Grille. After completing the application, I was interviewed by Rick Furman. I had been a waitress for many years but when he spoke of fine dining, white glove service and Members, I thought, what am I doing? Fine dining? Members?  Country Club?

H.E. double hockey sticks. I knew what country meant, I was raised on 75 acres, but “fine” dining?  Do I want to do this? Can I do this?  I was about to find out as I heard, “If you want the job, it’s yours”. I said “yes”.

I watched many positive changes take place when Myron was hired one month later. (doesn’t tenure mean he should listen to me?)  He quickly hired Dawn Minnick and Valerie Stutler. Two great additions to our staff of, hmmm 25 people back then? (today in season over 200).  The real training began.  Dawn started on fine dining while Val tried, but didn’t succeed, teaching me to pronounce “dog” correctly.  To pronounce it as it should be, hurt my throat. It was much easier to keep that tiny southern drawl. She finally gave in and said “It must be a Magnolia thing”.

I have great respect for Myron as he has been responsible for most of my growth.  He has always supported education and pretty much badgered me until I finally obtained a business management degree. Although I didn’t know, he knew, I already possessed what I needed to succeed.  I’m very grateful he saw me worthy of molding and promoting.  How blessed am I that Myron never stopped seeing what I didn’t?  Very.

I have so many memories, it would be impossible to pick out a favorite.

However, one member event in 1994, “Elvis Lives”, ended much differently than any of us expected.  I rode my Harley and parked it on Scot’s patio as a prop.  As the partying progressed, many members asked for rides and a picture of several ladies sitting on and surrounding the Harley ended up in the Canton Repository. (very cool)  But at the end of the evening, several members and staff were in the ladies card room watching the TV with live coverage of the L.A. police chasing O.J. Simpson down the highway.  (very weird and sad….. who’d thunk it?)

We never know what life is going to hand us. If anyone had told me that I’d still be at GCC, let alone the Human Resource Director in 2012, I’d never believed it. The past 20 years have been wonderful.  I’ve walked many journeys in life while enjoying serving members and their guests along with watching Glenmoor grow to be, in my eyes, a spectacular place that’s untouchable.

The members of Glenmoor are wonderful and should be extremely proud of their Club.  I’m told frequently by new employees during their orientation that my pride radiates.  How couldn’t it?  Glenmoor, the staff and members have been an integral part of my life.  It hasn’t always been easy, but definitely worth the ride. But really, what good comes easy? I’ve met the most unique and caring people, watched the most undoable things done and work in one of the most serene settings anyone could wish for.

As far as sentimental moments, I credit a man I truly miss, Mr. (Tom) Chapman. Many members have been more than complimentary, but for some reason, this one day Mr. Chapman’s gentle soul tugged my heart. After not seeing him for quite some time, I was pleasantly surprised when I walked out front and noticed him leaning up against the cement wall. We started talking about how long we’d both been a part of Glenmoor.  He said “You’ve been here since the beginning, haven’t you”? I replied, “Yes, I guess you can call me an old timer”.  He said, “Pat, I wouldn’t call you an old timer, I’d call you a permanent fixture”.  I smiled, thanked and hugged him.

Mr. Chapman portrayed the employee Glenmoor Golden Rule:

“Treat people the way you want to be treated.”

Thank you for an amazing 20 years.  I look forward to accumulating many more memories at Glenmoor Country Club.    Peace Out, Pat


Mats Wilander at Glenmoor!

Mats Wilander and his team with Wilander on Wheels is at Glenmoor today putting on three fantastic clinics for Glenmoor Members!  While the clinics are sold out, you are welcome to stop down and watch this former World #1 Tennis Player as he teaches your fellow Members.  It is a great day at the Glenmoor Tennis Courts!  The afternoon clinics are at 2:15pm and 4pm.  Hope to see you there!

You can learn more at:!/WilanderOnWheels

20th Anniversary 5K run / 1Mile walk

On Sunday, September 2nd at 9:00am, we will be having our 20th Anniversary 1 Mile walk / 5k Run. Each participant will receive a 20th Anniversary T-shirt and medal, a silicon wristband with the famous Lance Armstrong quote “Pain is temporary; Quitting lasts forever”, and a Mimosa or Shirley Temple. 

The cost to sign up is $25 for members and $30 for non-members.

Soup For You!

The Soup Nazi was on hand to be sure there was an abundance of soup and fun at Thursday’s “Soup For You” at Glenmoor!  Thank you to all the Members who supported this exciting event, as we had a wonderful opportunity to help raise funds for the Akron Canton Regional Food Bank!  Vote for your favorite soup and tell us what you thought of the event by commenting below!

20th Anniversary Memories

What are your favorite Glenmoor Memories from the past 20 years?

Please submit them by commenting on the 20th Anniversary Memories tab on the blog.
We will be compiling a “Top 20” list that will be unveiled at the Member Holiday Party!

Also, you will receive one entry into our special
20th anniversary prize drawing for each memory submitted!

Happy 20th Anniversary Glenmoor!

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