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P.A.R. Club – Mark Your Calendar!

calendarJune PAR Club will meet on June 19th at the Clubhouse!

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Our May meeting will be hosted by Adam Olenick!
Please join us at his offices on Thursday, May 9th at 4:30pmfpar3

Location: Edward Jones Investments in Thursday’s Plaza (behind Macaroni Grill) on Dressler Road

Please, bring a friend you think can benefit from joining us and if you have any questions, give Lisa or Diana a call or shoot us an email.
Please RSVP to Lisa or Diana by Tuesday, May 7th.

Have a great day!

Diana North                                Lisa Sadeghian
Director, Sales & Catering       Director, Member Events
Direct 330.526.2205                 330-966-3600

P.A.R. Club at the Hamlets!

hamlet 3

Thank you to our April P.A.R. Club host, Andrea Brown!  P.A.R. Club Members enjoyed a tour of the Hamlet model and some great conversation!

Since Campanelli Construction started the “Villa” section and took over the Hamlets three years ago, Campanelli Construction has completed 13 new properties in Glenmoor.  This has generated approximately $18,000 per year in new HOA fees and at least 8 new club members generating over $30,000 in new dues annually.   The new construction seems to have jump started the resale market as well, as 2012 was a a record year for resales.  In addition there were several builds by other builders as well.  All of this started three years ago when the country, as well as the county, was in the worst housing market in history since the great depression.

 What drove this change?

 The classic right product, at the right time, in the right place, at the right price,  highlighted the advantages of Glenmoor, as a gated community, as the place to protect your largest asset, while enjoying the amenities that are unique to Glenmoor. 

 All of this growth benefits our residents, our members, our staff and our community as a whole.  They are looking forward to a great 2013!


P.A.R. Club meets again this Thursday, May 9th at 4:30pm.
Adam Olenick will be our host and we will be meeting at his offices at
Edward Jones Investments in Thursday’s plaza behind the Macaroni Grill.
If you haven’t attended P.A.R. (Professional Association for Referrals)
yet this year, then please do and bring a friend!

P.A.R. Pics!

Thank you Mrs. Brown for hosting P.A.R. Club yesterday at the Hamlet model! 
hamlet 3hamlethamlet 2

P.A.R. Club & Sangria!


Mrs. Brown is serving up Sangria in less than 30 minutes for P.A.R. Club tonight!
So RUN right now out of the office, its beautiful out and head to 6451 Doral Drive here at Glenmoor for
P.A.R. Club today at 4:30pm.
If you haven’t made it yet, this is the perfect day to do it! Bring a friend!

P.A.R., Have You Attended Yet?

Why is it that when someone is suffering from cancer we don’t just tell to snap out of it, yet when someone is suffering from a mental illness such as depression we tell them to just cheer up?
This was the question Glenmoor Member Michael Polnik posed to the P.A.R. Club at the March meeting that sparked a very engaging discussion around the idea that,still today,the brain is not seen as an organ and that mental illness is not seen as a condition but rather a character flaw.
We would like to thank Mr. Polnik for challenging the way we think about mental illness and for answering the many great questions from those in attendance.It was truly an enriching evening for everyone!
Mr. Polnik is currently a PhD student in Marriage and Family Therapy at the University of Akron. His MA in Bioethics is from Case Western Reserve University. Mr Polnik did his triple major in Theology, Philosophy, and Pastoral Ministry at Walsh University and he is adjunct instructor of bioethics at Aultman College and adjunct professor of philosophy/moral philosophy/bioethics at Walsh University.
     If you haven’t attended P.A.R. Club yet this year, we encourage you to come out to tomorrow’s meeting which will be hosted by Glenmoor Member Andrea Brown of Howard Hanna, at the Hamlet Model by Campanelli Construction at 6451 Doral Drive here in Glenmoor. It will be a great evening of networking with your fellow Members!
(Hamlet Model Interior)
  **The P.A.R. Club is looking for other Members who can speak on the following topics: working women and juggling it all, understanding health care and how it is changing your business, nutrition, how to get more from your employees and understanding how motivation works based on the individual, and social media. If this happens to be your area of expertise please contact Lisa Sadeghian or Diana North at the Club!
Call us and let us know you can make tomorrow’s meeting! 330-966-3600 or text 330-704-3327

P.A.R. Club Member Michael Gruber!

We would like to thank Member Michael Gruber for speaking to P.A.R. Club in the month of February. Did you know that Probate Court is a process that takes up to a minimum of one year, and that the cost is 4 to 8 percent of the estate? Going through Probate Court boils down to 3 words, expensive, long and stressful! If you want to avoid putting your family through this then strongly consider creating a trust for your loved ones. A trust allows your family privacy as it is not a part of public record and it allows you to establish a Power of Attorney, as well as a Living Will. These were just a few of the interesting points we learned from Zollinger, Gruber, Thomas & Company. Another great bit of information Mr. Gruber shared was regarding a VA Pension. According to Mr. Gruber, most people don’t even know that a VA Pension exists! If you are a veteran his advice would be to have someone help you fill out the paperwork for this type of pension as it could take up to 230 days if not done properly. Mr. Gruber can be reached at 330-497-2886 if you have more questions regarding a trust or a VA Pension.

The remainder of his talk continued to be of interest to all who attended P.A.R. Club as he explained in great detail just how fracking works and clarified any misconceptions regarding the impact of fracking on the environment. He spoke directly about Utica Shale and the positive impact it will have on Ohio’s economy over time.

We thank Mr. Gruber for speaking to the P.A.R. Club. His topics were both relevant and enlightening!

If you missed out on his presentation Mr. Gruber welcomes you to contact him at either 330-497-2886 or email him at with any questions you might have on the subjects of trust, VA Pensions or Utica Shale!

Don’t forget tomorrow, March 13th @ 4:30pm is the next P.A.R. Club. If you haven’t been able to attend a P.A.R. Club meeting yet, be sure to come out to this one as we will be SPEED NETWORKING, a great way to promote your business to a lot of people in a short amount of time! Bring a Member friend and let’s make it a great meeting!


P.A.R. Club!


Please join us for P.A.R. Club, Wednesday, March 13th at 4:30pm.

We’ll be speed networking, so grab a Member friend and plan to attend!

Next P.A.R. Club is March 13th!


Bring a Member friend and come out to P.A.R. Club Wednesday, March 13th at 4:30pm for a little speed networking!

P.A.R. Club

Thank you to all who attended the kick-off meeting for the P.A.R. Club last week! A special thanks to Dr. Ira Richterman who demystified APPS and explained to the P.A.R. Club the evolution of APPS , what kind of promotional power they have and how easy they are to create!  Outside of performing hand surgery, Dr. Richterman is the one of the partners of Digital Marketing Group Inc.. He illustrated to the P.A.R. Club how, for just about $10 a month, you can maximize your business and keep up with the latest technology, as well as, how to create an APP and donate it to your local school system, church or favorite organization all while promoting your business at the same time!  To learn more about APPS and how to build your own APP visit Digital Marketing Groups’ website at  and begin building your very own app today.  Your app is only limited by your imagination.  You can also visit Digital Marketing Groups’ market at and see what other apps have been built.

We’d like to highlight and thank the following Glenmoor Members for attending the very first P.A.R. Club! Please join us for our next meeting on February 6th at 4:30pm in the Spa and for this meeting only bring a friend and enjoy the Happy Hour afterwards hosted by the Bertram Inn & Spa!

Michael Gruber                 Zollinger, Gruber, Thomas & Company

Merle Griff                         Sarah Care Senior Solutions

Susan Shearer                   Stark State College

Andrea Brown                   Howard Hanna

Richard Stockton              Retired Engineer

Chris Paxos                         A Quality Facility Services

Kurt Goodenberger           Sol Harris Day Architecture

Mark Manhart                    Gateway Commercial Finance

Michael Polnik                   Aultman College/Aultman Hospital

Ira Richterman                  Digital Marketing Group, Inc.

Jeff & Lisa Franklin            101 Mobility

Jacqueline Polnik              Morgan Stanley

PAR 1 (2)PAR 2 (2)PAR 4 (2)PAR 5 (2)

P.A.R. Club Today!


P.A.R. Club This Wednesday-No Cost, High Value!

PAR Club_January 2013 (2)

P.A.R. Club is Back!

Mark your calendars for P.A.R. Club this Wednesday, January 9th at 4:30pm! That’s Professional Association for Referrals and it is for Glenmoor Members Only! Dr. Ira Richterman will speak about Apps and everyone will have a chance to introduce themselves and highlight what they do. Start the New Year off right for your business and make 2013 a truly prosperous year!

par club

P.A.R. Club Is Back In 2013!

They say if you want to be successful surround yourself by successful people and that is why we are bringing P.A.R. Club(Professional Association for Referrals) back in 2013! This unique “Club within a Club” is exclusive to Glenmoor Members and offers an opportunity for building strategic relationships with like-minded fellow Members. And who knows, in the process maybe you will even make a new friend or two! We have lots of great ideas percolating right now to create a group worth coming out for so stay tuned!

Don’t miss the next P.A.R. Club meeting!

We have a special guest speaker for the next
P.A.R. Club meeting on Wednesday, April 6th at 4:30pm. 
We hope to see you there! 
Please RSVP by calling 330-966-3600 or

Join us for P.A.R. Club on Wednesday, January 12th at 4:30pm with special Guest Speaker Dr. Michael Marvin!

Make Plans to Attend the P.A.R. Club Kickoff!

WEDNESDAY,  JANUARY 12th at 4:30pm!

Glenmoor Member, Dr. Michael Marvin, will be our guest speaker talking on:

“Unlocking the Secret to Endless Youth”,
a talk on aging and hormone replacement therapy in adults

RSVP by calling 330-966-3600 or by emailing

P.A.R. Club this Tuesday!

Don’t miss the P.A.R. Club this Tuesday, November 9th at 4pm.  Hope to see you there!

P.A.R. Club Today!

Don’t miss Glenmoor’s P.A.R. Club!  The Professional Association for Referrals meets today, September 7th, at 4pm and will feature Dennis Drennan of Re/Max Commitment and Dr. Mark Hatcher of Maranatha Springs.  To RSVP, simply email  See you today!  For more information on today’s presenters, click the “p.a.r club companies” tab at the top of the page.

P.A.R. Club is Back!

Kick off your Fall Networking at Glenmoor’s P.A.R. Club.  The Professional Association for Referrals is open to Glenmoor Members looking to enhance their business connections with one another.

Tuesday, September 7th from 4 – 5pm.

For those of you new to the P.A.R. Club, the meeting starts with roundtable introductions.  Then, two featured Members will give presentations followed by a Q&A session.  After the meeting, an informal networking session continues in the Loch Bar.

To RSVP, please email Gretchen Fernandez at   More information on the presentations is available by clicking the P.A.R. Club Companies page at the top of the blog.

Hope to see you there!

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