“I tried a spinning class two years ago under protest and it wasn’t long before I became totally hooked.  It’s an incredible workout that’s fun and never fails to get my day off to a great start.  I love going to Glenmoor to workout, whether it’s spinning or just using the cardio equipment and weight room.  It’s a great facility with a wonderful staff.”   –Dianne Oliver

“Glenmoor has exceeded all of my expectations from the first business meeting that we held there.  The facilities are second to none and the service makes us come back time and time again.  Glenmoor Country Club and Resort has allowed us to show our appreciation to customers in a way that we never could at any hotel in any city.  Our customers have told us repeatedly what a great place Glenmoor was to stay and more importantly, how well they were treated by everyone that works there.  I would encourage anyone looking at holding an event, a multi-day sales meeting or even a company dinner to give Glenmoor a try.  I guarantee that you will be hooked and look forward to the next time you have the pleasure of visiting the great people at Glenmoor Country Club.”  –Bob Patton, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Republic Storage

I just wanted to pass along to other “Glenmoor grandparents” information about our wonderful experience with the Kids’ Club!  
Two of our sons’ families recently visited us from New Jersey in order to attend a special family event.  We loved having five grandchildren (ages 5 months, 2, 4, 6, & 8 ) stay in our home, but also wanted to enjoy some adult time together.  We had heard positive comments from other Members about the Kids’ Club, and decided to visit the facility with both families.  Miss Amy took our whole group on a tour, and the children couldn’t wait to go the next day!        
I discovered a great service available to Glenmoor grandparents who want to provide a unique, safe and fun opportunity for visiting grandchildren, while allowing their parents time to enjoy other activities at Glenmoor.  My kids are already planning to take advantage of using the Kids’ Club on their next trip back to Ohio.
Thank you, Miss Amy, Miss Samantha and staff for taking such loving care of our precious grandchildren!  ~Carolyn LeVan

 The biggest challenge I faced as a new parent (believe it or not) was childcare! In whose arms can you trust to provide the same love and nurturing care that you give as a parent? As a new mom to twins (and never in a social environment such as this), I was very skeptical of leaving my daughters with someone else.  Kids’ Club was a wake up call for me!
It has been not only social and educational, but a very productive environment for my children.  When our third daughter was born, I had no doubt in my mind except to enroll her into Kids’ Club.  Amy O’Brien and Samantha Warwick have given new meaning to childcare.  The care, love and structure they provide are unparallel to any other place.  Their devotion and hard work is unsurpassed.  They have given my the peace of mind that I long for, not to mention, opened my eyes to the reality that group childcare is a very ACTIVE setting (and on most days a head spinning experience).  I don’t know how they do it!  The social setting at Kids’ Club has provided our youngest with abilities and skills that I wouldn’t be able to provide for her alone.  All of the Caregivers at Kids’ Club are special people who take pride in their job and want to offer the children the best care possible.  This allows all parents to leave their children in safe hands!
Kids’ Club has also given me the flexibility to schedule my children for childcare reservations as I need and as it fits into my lifestyle.  My need for childcare can change at a moment’s notice.  My experience with Kids’ Club has only been positive and rewarding.  To them I have great gratitude and respect! I believe that Kids’ Club is a huge asset to Glenmoor Country Club and one of the main reason we decided to join Glenmoor!  ~Shamalia Rafique 

Membership at Glenmoor is GREAT for a lot of reasons. Kids’ Club is definitely at the top of the list. Our grandson, Noah, is 8 years old and developed epilepsy in March of this year.  We were not able to take him on our usual summer vacation because of his risk of seizures while his little body was getting used to his meds. When school was over for the year, I called Amy to inquire about the Kids’ Club program. I informed her of Noah’s condition and she told me that they would love to have Noah join them. They spent their mornings in the school age classroom, followed by swimming and lunch at the pool, enjoyed fitness at The Spa in the afternoon, and went on field trips every week to wonderful places.  Noah was able to make new friends and really looked forward to his days at Kids’ Club. When she learned Noah was coming to the Halloween party she made sure there were no strobe lights or flashing lights because they could trigger a seizure. She is always thinking of her kids with special needs such as food allergies or asthma as well as making sure everyone has fun. The continuing  Kids’ Club special events give Noah a chance to see the new friends he made during the summer. I cannot thank Amy enough for everything she has done for Noah. If anyone has children or grandchildren and has not yet experienced Kids’ Club under Amy’s direction, you have missed one of the best parts of Glenmoor!  ~Karen Shackelford

We joined Glenmoor for many reasons. The most compelling reason was Kids’ Club. The   flexibility of daycare hours, creative field trips and evening events have proven to be the center of our children’s lives.  As working parents, we turn our children over to the staff of Kids’ Club with no reservation at all – and they are loved like they are part of the family.  They have taught them, nurtured them and enriched their lives in ways that we could not have imagined.  We are so fortunate to have Amy O’Brien, Samantha Warwick, Jill Stokes, Rachelle Leaver, Gretchen Gustavich and the entire staff lending their expertise, time and heart for the betterment of our children.  We are amazed at their fortitude and dedication to the children’s education and development.  We remain forever in debt to the Kids’ Club staff for providing so much for our children.  ~Aruna Rao, MD and Ramesh Krishnamurthi, MD

 My children enjoy Kids’ Club and all the incredible activities that it has to offer.  My children, Brent and Grant, fall into the “Youth” category for most events, but still enjoy many of the Kids’ Club weekend and summer activities.  They have formed many new friendships at Glenmoor with kids that they would not have otherwise had the chance to meet.  They really have enjoyed the field trips with the School Age Program and Miss Jill.  Amy and Jill have everything organized and fun for my children, who are currently 6 and 11.
During the summer, my children also participate in Golf and Swimming.  They are always excited and anxious to go to Glenmoor – which makes me feel good because they are somewhere where they want to be!  I never have to worry because they always have a great time and can’t wait for the next field trip.  My favorite part about Kids’ Club is how excited my children get when they tell me how much fun they had (of course, they are already asking to go to the next event!)  Amy and Jill do a wonderful job engaging the children and planning activities for all ages!  If you haven’t already, you should check into Kids’ Club.  It is a great opportunity!  ~Rose Ramser

 The Kids’ Club at Glenmoor has been a huge blessing to our family.  I feel strongly that out of all of the wonderful things that Glenmoor has to offer each of its Members, this is the Club’s greatest asset.  We have a place that our children can go where safety is a top priority.  There are always incredible activities being planned.  Most importantly, our children are having a great time playing with their friends and being cared for by the most wonderful staff.  Each night at dinner, we ask our children the best and worst part of their day.  Whenever our littlest ones had a morning at Kids’ Club, a part of their fun time at Glenmoor is always the moment of the day that is shared!  I also need to add that I am so impressed by the patience, love, and fun that the Team Members at Glenmoor Kids’ Club give to all of our children.  They never cease to amaze me.  Having Kids’ Club for our family has truly enriched our lives.  ~Sue McClain


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  1. Randy and his staff did their usual fabulous job on the Hungarian night. I have had emails and phone calls talking about it. My sister and I enjoyed hosting with Randy, but most importantly, the great crowd made it so much more fun. Thanks to Tom and his chefs for their terrific cuisine!!


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